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You are just a few steps away from entering into the Burger King Survey and Feedback website, please click on the official website below. You can also directly give us MyBKExperience feedback.

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Burger King Survey Process:

  1. You have to visit the official website.
  2. Here you have the option to select the language.
  3. Just enter your restaurant or store number in the required field.
  4. You need to genuinely answer the all the required questions and complete the check-list.
  5. The website will provide you an option to collect voucher code.
  6. Now, you can claim a Whooper on your next visit to BK for free.
  • The validity of the coupon: 30 days
  • Limitations: MyBKExperience limits this survey process for one household in a month.
  • One receipt: You can redeem one voucher at a time.
  • Period: The survey and feedback option is available in selected months only.

Your survey and comments are so important to Burger King Company that you will be rewarded. Keep in mind that any change to the service will make your experience better when you visit the store. You can help the organization to change something wrong in the company policy. We hope you will participate in the process fairly.

17 thoughts on “Survey

  1. Ordered a #7 on the menu this morning. Biscuit was as hard as a brick…..LITERALLY! It was about 5:45 am, and it seemed as if nobody was in the kitchen. Not sure but I will not be going back to the burger king on Rock quarry Rd in Raleigh, NC

  2. I have experienced bad and discriminatory treatment at this store regularly, but keep trying to come back because of the store’s proximity to where I live. I just asked the manager, Rigo, and the cashier, Rosario, why they thought it was ok to treat me so badly. Rigo asked what I ordered and dismissively snorted, “You just got drinks?!”. Since he confirmed it is economic discrimination, I will send the gift card numbers of two previous cards I spent here. Despite the location’s convenience, I have been matronizing BK less. They have cost BK plenty of revenue. The BK gift card was 6116166574949965. One Happy Bites card was 44361-34182-191232-(515). I’ve had multiple others that I’ve discarded. I just wanted to show I have spent some money in BK, which bad service is losing. You are in the lowest scores of fast food restaurants in Forbes, MSN and Wall Street studies. At least this store is consistent with your national performance. BTW, I get mostly drinks because your food is so inedible. Store #2241.

  3. I am trying to do your online survey to receive the free whopper and my code is not working as it appears to have one too many numbers for the allotted spots. The experience at the restaurant was far better than the experience of trying to do the online survey. I would greatly appreciate if you could fix this issue or stop advertising a free sandwich for doing the survey I am unable to do. I visited store 6755 in San Jose, CA. my survey code is: 25561-37031-14719-180516. I’m not sure that a free sandwich is worth all of this frustration

  4. This store 13977 have good customer service very professional employees good food good prices clean store and bathroom friendly employees I love eating at this restaurant

  5. Great service, always giving the best they can and helping the customer. An improvement can be if they can order more ranch.

  6. The manager was every nice. The cooks are as good as glow sticks. It took 10mins for a simple order. The sandwiches had to be remade because they were wrong. When got the right ones they the eggs were barley warm. Was unhappy with other people getting food before us. When manager notice he got right on the cooks. Wish I new what he said, but I don’t speak Spanish.

  7. This is the second time I have visited with this particular crew working. All under 20 years old. The manager, Maria, is 19 years old. Also, the second time I was not served food freshly prepared, as requested. The first time I had to be about and demand that my food be remade. This last time I was assured by the young man, who took over 3 minutes to come take my order, ( no one else was in line) that it was made fresh. I started to eat and realized that two of the ingredients I specifically asked about, were not included. As I went to the counter and asked for the manager by name, she simply stood there and stared at me, without saying a word. I told the young man who took my order my meal was missing exactly what I had asked him about. It also was not made fresh. Noone offered to replace my meal, and I had to ask specifically for the missing items. Very disappointing.

  8. I love the customer service at this location, they employees are always pleasant and patient when they greet you. It’s very refreshing to see someone smile when they do there job!

  9. Tonight, I used the restroom before placing an order. A woman entered the restroom and was cursing in a very loud manner. She appeared to be talking on the phone, but I soon realized that she was talking to herself. But when she started to scream threatening words, and began spitting all over the restroom, on the floor, apparently the sink, and the door leading to the restaurant, I became alarmed.. I asked Erica, the mgr. to come speak to me about the woman who was spitting in the restroom. She walked away and the other employee told me that she was busy. I was shocked because there was only two people in the restaurant! It’s just disgusting to realize that something like this actually happens, and the a employees don’t care.

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