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MyBKExperience survey is also known as Burger King Experience ( which is basically a satisfaction survey that gives you the opportunity to express your opinion and help the company to further improve its services.

Participation in the survey takes only a few seconds and your Burger King receipt and in return, the company offers you a coupon code which can be redeemed on your next visit.

Enter Survey or Give Feedback

MyBKExperience Survey –

Burger King listens to the needs of all customers effectively through the feedback portal that is known as Survey. is the website developed by Burger King which is one of the prominent fast food chains that specialize in providing delicious burger. The company has expanded its stores to more than 11,000 outlets around the world.

Burger King’s menu grew from a basic menu of burgers, french fries, soft drinks and milkshakes for a wider and varied set of products.

By providing basic information such as the date and time of the visit and store number, you can answer the survey and fill up the survey in a few minutes. Also, you will surely enjoy the process of answering the survey and get some free reward points which you can use on your next visit to Burger King.

How to access

You will receive a coupon code after the survey is completed. This voucher code can be redeemed at any of the Burger King outlets. You can also order a free Whopper sandwich or an original chicken sandwich as per the code. Let us know the requirement before you complete the survey process.

  • A valid receipt from any Burger King store that you visited recently.
  • A laptop or smartphone with internet to visit the site.
  • A few moments to spare.
  • Genuine review and feedback for MyBKExperience.

The survey will help to improve the customer experience at Burger King, including an overall assessment of the quality of the customer’s food, the speed of service, convenience and cleanliness of the restaurant or any complaints they may have.
RequirementValid Receipt Number
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
OrganizationBurger King
RewardFree Whopper, Vouchers
EligibilityAny one who visited the BK store.

How to take MyBKExperience Customer Experience Survey?

Visit survey website.

For accessing the Burger King Survey website, you must visit from your laptop or smartphone. The default language of the website MyBKExperience is English. Other languages such as French and Spanish are also available on the site.

Now enter the restaurant no. located on your receipt.

On My BK Experience website, there are instructions for entering the restaurant number. This number is simply given to the exact Each restaurant has a number of different shops. Just enter it and click on “Next”

Provide your genuine feedback

Here you are required to provide genuine review and feedback about your last visit to the respective store. Based on this survey you will be eligible for free voucher coupon.

Questions asked in Burger King Survey

  1. The taste of your food.
  2. Your overall satisfaction.
  3. Cleanliness of the store
  4. How usually you visit the restaurant.
  5. How much time is taken to deliver your order
  6. The overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant.
  7. About food prices.
  8. The behavior of the staff.

Customer Service:

The real benefit of having a survey website is that the company receives customer reviews from all the people who visit the store. Still, if users want to contact MyBKExperience, please use the below-given details.

  • Toll-Free Number: 1866-394-2493
  • Mailing Address: Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.
  • Official site:

13 thoughts on “MyBKExperience 🍔

  1. Just purchased a double sourdough burger, cheesy bacon chicken sandwich and med. fries.
    The fries were ok, the rest was a waste of money, $14.82.
    Sourdough burger: burnt bread, burnt bacon, dry burger
    Cheesy chicken: burnt bacon, fake slimy cheese and dry chicken patty actually slid off the bun.
    Very disappointing, at the least I would like my money back.

    • Helloooo the person on the drive thru window shouldn’t be there! I asked for a Crispy BBQ bacon cheeseburger combo with a medium Sprite and I got
      1 Crispy BBQ bacon cheeseburger 7.39
      1 medium Sprite 3.29
      No FF
      tax .88
      $11.56 WTH?

  2. I have a receipt from a purchase made on December 18,2018 and followed the instructions on how to get a free whopper. The site as per instructions stated that the survey is over. Why lie to customers about a free whopper if BK does not intend to honor what is said in writing. Also I ordered two crispy chicken sandwiches but the store did not include the tomatoes as shown on the menu photo for these sandwiches?

  3. Went to the Vidor, Texas restaurant on my way to work on 12/24/2018. After waiting 13 minutes with only one car ahead of me in line, i was given my order. I sat at the window for a couple of minutes when the Supervisor on duty started barking at the workers. One of them came to the table by the window and picked up a sack and handed it to me through the window. I looked in it to make sure the order was correct. It appeared to be. I had ordered a Texas Double combo with heavy mayo. The reciept indicated it was correct also. After getting to work and looking at the order, the burger did not have one single vegetable on it. It was nothing more than a double cheeseburger, but was marked Texas Whopper. This is not the first time I have got the wrong order or poor service at this restaurant. I go there because I love the Texas Double and it is the only store in my area. I would fill out a survey, but they tore the store number off the reciept. I am very disappointed with service at this particular store and expect better when I spend my hard earned money… Thank You

  4. I attempted to complete the survey for a free Whopper Survey code 23511-45001-51600-090023 however, when I logged onto the “official site” and was asked to input store#, there is no store# on my receipt for 3036 Crenshaw Blvd, LA, CA (323)737-2622. I frequent this store usually 2 times weekly and really like the staff; however, the store has become a safe haven for the homeless who take entire tables with their personal items and sleep, some for extended stays. Staff are not allowed to “police” the inside premises therefore allowing the homeless to overtake the dining area. The staff is also severely hampered by the lack of customer intelligence. Yesterday, I went with coupon to get lunch for my wife and I and stood behind a guy who looked at the menu for over 10 minutes while we were waiting our turn, and when the counter clerk ask if she could help him, he still did not know what to order thereby slowing down the line further. The staff cannot assist if the customer has no clue.

    Please address the homeless problem with this venue. It is ridiculous.

  5. My husband and I visited one of our local Burger King”s a few days before Christmas after a doctor’s appointment.
    We ordered one of your $6 box lunches for each of us; my feedback is that; They were missing that “char-broiled” flavor that is so
    prominent with all the ones that we’ve had through our years of patronizing Burger King restaurants. Do not know
    why that was missing, but, it was…. While I’m giving you a feed back on your products, let me say this: ” the “BREWHOUSE”
    burger that you offered back during this past summer (2018), was ABSOLUTELY to die for!!!!!!! I certainly wish you
    would consider placing it on the menu at all times….no matter what the price would be!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions, both bad and good with you!!!

  6. The food is horrible. The buns were hard as bricks like being left out all night, the burgers were sooo over cooked that they were drier than the Sahara desert. Customer service sucked so bad I felt like I was in a mortuary. The drink machine barely had anything in it. The area to get drinks was so filthy like it hadn’t been cleaned in a month, garbage flowing over dried drink everywhere. I will never eat at any of these again. This isn’t the first time but will definitely be the last. Very very disappointed.

  7. Jan 21 we were in Vidalia ga and ate at Burger King at The whole crew including the manager with the exception of one blondeheaded girl named Amanda was cussing neglecting the customers on front . Hollering get out the f …king break room . The manager was Greg and he was in on it too . My granddaughters were with me . It was very disrespectful . Had no hats on behind the counter in the regular clothes

  8. Hello!

    I rarely take time to fill up a survey. To be honest I generaly hate it. So I tried to do one and … no SURVEY CODE number on my guest check.! It’s only written SURVEY CODE: (but no number after) !!!! So I’m not able to leave a comment about my experience… Do this restaurant worried to received comments from customers??

  9. You advertise 2 cookies for a dollar. They ring up as $.64 per cookie. The person at the window (manager) says that’s what it shows and that’s what she will charge. If you advertise 2/$1 that’s what it should be.

  10. I had to wait 20 to 30 minutes for someone to take my order, I was in the drive thru. They told me two people were working there. My food was awful, the burger was half done. I could not take the survey, the receipt was torn, I could not enter the store number. I have been to another Burger King it was the same thing, a long wait, undone food.

  11. I visited the BK in Dunkirk, Md. 8/30/22 at 1:35 pm and ordered a BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken sandwich. My sandwich had no BBQ sauce and no bacon. It had mayonnaise instead. Yet my receipt shows the correct sandwich I selected.

  12. I do not understand how a simple order of two bacon cheeseburger with no ketchup can be so difficult to get right? I have been several times and it’s always wrong try to call will not answer the phone???

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